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Life is uncertain, and while we can't control what happens to us, we can control how we react to it.  I'm here to help you live more resilient by building the skills necessary to create the life you want, no matter what your circumstances.

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Three key skills to building resilience

Adaptability, self-awareness, and vision.

Your ability to thrive in any circumstance you are in.

Your ability to understand your actions and behaviors, and what controls them.

Your ability to see where you are going and take action to get there.

Building the life you want takes a foundation of skills we don't all naturally possess.

In fact, recent studies show only 20-30% of teenagers and adults possess the skills of resilience.  Learn with me from real-life experiences how to rise above whatever you are facing.  Life is too short to live small. 

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After 18 years of therapy, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars,  training with some of the world's elite, reading every book I could find, and learning how to overcome anything life throws at me...I'm ready to share the cliff notes version of what I learned with the world.

There are two times in life where we really grow...either we make the choice to do so, or trauma forces us to.

Trauma was my teacher.  If you wait to learn the skills of resilience until life is hard, it will likely cost you years in self-doubt, feeling lost, and being unable to move forward.  Trauma can be consuming and is a difficult teacher.

Let choice be your teacher!  Choose to learn these skills before difficulties arise, and then, when things get hard, you are armed with the tools to bounce back. 

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What skills did your parents' pass on to you that you hope to NOT pass on to your kids?

We all have them...those things we will NEVER do, ways we will NEVER parent...but the truth is, most of us unknowingly pass the skills we learned in our own childhood to our kids.  That's why disfunction becomes a generational trait, and resilience does not.  If you are ready to break that chain in your family, check out this link!

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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Shanine, a trainer and coach, and I'm ready to help you build your resilience!  I teach specific skills necessary for you to build the life you want, no matter what your circumstances.  After experiencing hardships and challenges that stop most people, and building my dream life in spite of it, I realized I had done what so many want to do...but don't have the skills or knowledge to do so.  That's my superpower, and I'm ready to share it with the world.


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Learn all the skills you need without distraction as you step away from your environment and

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