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About me

Hi!  I'm Shanine, and I can't wait to help you live resilient.  I learned these skills through years of hard work trying to change my own life, and after cracking the code, I found that my biggest joy come from watching others change too.

I know there are a lot of options out there for you to choose I wanted to share what other's have experienced in this course.

"I've done a lot of self-help stuff in the past, and this is the first time I feel like I actually have a plan and know what to do.  I would 1000% recommend you to anyone!"


"I am a different parent because of the things I have learned in this class.  I have never understood things like I do now."


"I am finding myself being able to let go of the hurtful comments and expectations of other people.  I have never been able to do that before."



My Methods

I teach the specific skills needed to be able to not just "get through" life's experiences, but to grow through them.

Only 30% of America has these tools!  My mission is to raise that number substantially.

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Join my Six-Week Skills Training Course with an extra week focused entirely on raising kids who are resilient.

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